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Construction Steel Inc Featured Project:
Grifols, 1188 Sage Drive Cedar City, UT 84720
We started working on this building in 2014 and are honored to have participated in a project that will help others for many years. The erection of the steel was a success and the building is a great addition to the Cedar City area. A small donation here can help to save lives.
Grifols creates life-saving medications with the plasma they receive from their donors. They treat a large variety of health problems with these special medications. Grifols focuses on safety for everyone involved including their donors, employees, and patients. Grifols is one of the largest plasma donation centers in the world with over 400 locations. Now we are fortunate to have one here in Cedar City as well!
We have included some pictures from the project as it was being constructed as well as some pictures of the finished building. The finished product looks great!
We hope to participate in more projects like this in Southern Utah for years to come.