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Construction Steel Inc Featured Project:
Asteri, Located at 270 East 900 North, Cedar City UT
We were grateful to be a part of this project that will serve to help the residents of Iron County. The project was started in 2022 and has not reached completion yet but it is close to the finish line.
The Asteri Building will feature 45 Units of affordable housing. It will help provide housing to those who are at risk of becoming homeless. In addition, 17 units will be reserved and dedicated to those that have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Without projects like this in our community, people like this may not have somewhere to go in the future. This building will be around 44.061 Square feet when completed. There are more projects currently being constructed in the area that would also serve as an affordable housing option for those in need.
We have included some pictures of the steel that went into this building as well as the current stage of the building this month. As you can see, this building is very close to being completed.
We hope to participate in more great projects like this that help people struggling in our community.